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With nearly 15 years in the band's history, Smokin' Gunnz has become one of the East Coast's premiere Southern Rock tribute acts. Acclaimed for their ability to recreate the sound of some of Southern Rock's most respected artists, the four members of Smokin' Gunnz have road tested and honed their sound to a level of perfection that their growing legion of loyal fans have come to expect.


Keeping with the grand tradition of the "Great Southern Sound" while planting a foot firmly in the future, the Gunnz have begun to carve out their own place in the long, proud heritage of this unique genre of American Music with the addition of their much anticipated original recordings.


Whether paying homage to the forefathers who blazed a trail before them or creating their own musical offerings, one listen to this group of seasoned professionals will tell you all you need to know about their dedication to their craft.

Who is Smokin' Gunnz?

Robert Morris: Drums, Lead Vocals

Bob Morris Bob Morris


Ever since he first climbed behind a drum kit at the age of 5, Bob has maintained a dedication to music that is unlikely to diminish in the near future. Being brought up in a household of musicians including both parents and 4 brothers will have that effect on a person. Bob's dad also started him singing at the age of 4.


After becoming acquainted with his Ludwig's over the next several years, he spent his time refining his skills by playing and singing in a long list of local and regional acts including Central PA's "The Morris Brothers Band," which showcased all of the brothers' musical talents. Bob's love for music would eventually take him all the way to Hollywood, California, in the summer of 2000 to be featured on a nationally-televised, pre-"Idol" talent search.
Often referred to as "the busiest guy on stage," Bob has found his place in the world not only as the singer but also the drummer of Smokin' Gunnz for the last 14 years. When he's not behind the drums, Bob likes to spend his time riding his motorcycle, hangin' with his grand daughter and writing music with the boys in the band.


Life is good...

Rick Marko: Bass ,  Vocals


Rick picked up his first guitar at the age of 12. By the time he was 15, he had added bass playing to his list of skills and was drafted into his first band, Lucifer Fox, a local Southern Rock band in his hometown of Mohrsville, Pa. By the ripe ol' age of 18, Rick found himself co-founding the female-fronted rock band, Spinster. Three years later, Rick and his twin brother, Randy, fired up the guitar driven rock band, the one and only, Holy Smoke, who are still "on tour" to this day. Since those days, Rick has taken numerous opportunities to play with other bands, learning many different styles of music and adding those skills to his impressive list of abilities.


Recently, while taking a short break from music, Rick answered a bassist wanted ad from Smokin' Gunnz. Sure of his abilities to perform with a hard-drivin' Southern Rock band, Rick set up an audition and was as equally impressed with musicianship of the band as they were with his. And the rest, they say, is history as it seems that Rick has found a new home with Smokin' Gunnz



Chris Della Porta: Lead/Rhythm Guitar, Vocals 



Ever since he picked up his first guitar at the age of 12, Chris has rarely set it down without damn good reason. Playing music in his school band and learning how to sing in the choir were also reasons why he never let the idea of becoming a professional musician get too far out of reach. Now, as a five year veteran of Smokin' Gunnz and one half of it's guitar slingin' team that distinguishes itself every time the band takes the stage, the idea that a young man once had is now a reality.


With a playing style that showcases his Southern and Yankee roots and vocals that add to the power of this fiery four piece, Chris's stage presence will demand your attention and keep you coming back for more.


When he's not doing the one thing that he's never given up on he can usually be found fixing guitars at his day job, riding his Harley, or hangin' out at home getting new ideas for dinner from the Food Network.


Mike Brady: Lead/Rhythm Guitar, Vocals 

Mike  Mike 

Mike was born and raised in York County, got his first guitar in 1969 at age twelve, and hasn't put it down since. By the time he was sixteen he was playing lead guitar in a local oldies/country band, playing VFW's, American legions, carnivals, and every little bar in south central PA.

Age eighteen found Mike starting a four year enlistment in the US Navy. Stationed in Norfolk, Virginia, he had a first-hand introduction to the major southern rock acts throughout the mid to late seventies. With a love of southern rock etched in his soul he came out of the Navy and joined a regional southern rock band from York called "Amberjack." He stayed with "Amberjack" until the late eighties playing all over Pennsylvania and Maryland. Figuring it was time for a change, Mike joined "Disorderly Conduct" -- also from York. After six years with "Disorderly Conduct" it was time for another change.

Mike figured it was time to start writing and recording some of his original songs. In 2005 Mike recorded an original acoustic cd and played acoustic shows around York. In mid 2006 he saw an ad for a guitar player for Smokin' Gunnz. It was time to get back to his roots and kick out the southern rock once again! The fit was perfect: Smokin' Gunnz is a well-oiled southern rock machine and Mike is a seasoned veteran having played the last 35 years in various bands with a variety of styles. Mike supplies the slide guitar that is necessary for many southern rock songs. On some evenings you can even see him use assorted bottles for slide. This is a sight indeed! Sometimes a beer bottle, sometimes a glass, but his favorite is the Jim Beam Black bottle.

All in all this is a match made in kick-ass-southern-rock-n-roll heaven and a band you'll have to see -- and hear -- over and over again to believe....

Here's what they're saying...


"They rocked the house every night and the music was fantastic!"

Lyle Sainsbury, Manager of Sacora Station, 2005 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally


"I'm amazed how much they sound like the original artist!"

Judd Goodman, Owner of Dragonfly Nightclub


"Lead singer Bobby Morris should change his last name to Van Zant he sounds so much like him"

Ms. Print, U Dig Magazine


"We had record attendance for our event and I believe one of the reasons for our success is the Smokingunnz band"

John H. Summers Jr., President & COO, Gettysburg Bike Week, Inc


Promo Videos

Smokin' Gunnz Interview
Smokin' Gunnz Performing "Lost Heroes"

Smokin' Gunnz Performing "Raise A Little Hell"

Smokin' Gunnz Performing "Train Train"

Smokin' Gunnz Performing "Sweet Home Alabama"

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